PIAP, Poland


PIAP is a public research institute, which belongs to the Top Ten of Polish research institutes, developing new technologies since 1965. Presently PIAP employs 250 people, among them more than 150 scientists. PIAP specialists have wide, interdisciplinary experience in realization of unique solutions in the field of information technology, robotics, defence technologies, security, telemetry as well as artificial intelligence. Activities include the realization of unique technical solutions and R&D work in projects co-financed by European Commission, European Defence Agency as well as Polish Ministry of Defence and Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education.
PIAP is widely cooperating with industrial and scientific organizations and research groups from EU and Candidate Countries. This cooperation is focused mainly on the development as well as on the scientific research within the projects co-financed by EC within Framework Programs.

For more information: https://piap.pl