AuToMa Second Project Meeting

DSC_0668.JPGThe 2nd project meeting of AuToMa project took place on 06.04.2017 and 07.04.2017 in Sofia, Bulgaria. It was hosted by the Bulgarian partner European Center for Quality Ltd. In total 10 participants took part in the meeting and all project partners were represented. The meeting was characterized by active involvement of all team members and a friendly and collaborative atmosphere.

The project partners had the chance to discuss and analyse the report based on the feedback from the Community Consultation Groups. The progress made on the AuToMa intellectual outputs: Learning Methodology, Guidelines for the learning outputs, Resources and Learning Integrated Area was verified. Preparatory activities for the start of the development of the AuToMa Learning Contents were completed and partners drafted the major topics which will constitute the learning course. All partners were involved in the distribution of tasks and most specifically modules and units elaboration regarding IO4 - AuToMa Learning Contents. The areas of Dissemination and Exploitation, Project Management and Quality and Risk Management were presented separately.

Overall, the meeting was very productive and touched upon the most important topics concerning the AuToMa partnership and preparation of intellectual outputs 1, 2, 3 and 4.

The next project meeting is scheduled for October, 2017, and will be hosted by CARSA in Spain.