Fifth project meeting in Warsaw, Poland

1.jpgThe 5th project meeting of AuToMa project, “Automation, Technology transfer and Managerial practices for the growth of SMEs, a better employability and the promotion of the entrepreneurship“, was held on 08 - 09.11.2018 in Warsaw, Poland. It was hosted by the Polish partner - PIAP. There were a total of 9 participants present at the meeting.

Throughout the two-day meeting, the consortium discussed the progress in project implementation and summarized the remaining activities to be conducted in order to successfully complete AuToMa project’s objectives. During the first day, partners were focused on Intellectual Output 5 – AuToMa handbook finalization. It was decided that the core body of the Handbook should include technical guidelines on how to use the platform as well as short summary of the modules within the two learning paths. All additional materials were determined to be added as an annex to the Handbook. The partnership also reviewed the developments regarding the project website (Intellectual Output 6) and AuToMa Resources and Learning Integrated Area (Intellectual output 3). Some minor changes in the outlook of the website and the Area were proposed to make them more appealing to the representatives of the target groups and the general audience.

2.jpgDuring the second half of the day, partners discussed E1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - AuToMa prototype workshops implementation and the feedback collected within them and how they affect Intellectual Output 4 - AuToMa Learning Contents. The final conference (E 6) was also a topic of high importance to the consortium. The more intense planning of the event was initiated by the project coordinator and a date for the conduction of the conference was settled – 29/03/2019. It was established that each partner would deliver a short presentation about their organization and concrete results achieved within AuToMa project.

You can find more information about the project on AuToMa website:

Throughout the second day, the project consortium agreed on what additional materials to be produced by ECQ through a subcontractor for dissemination and exploitation of the project and what publications should be made in order to promote the project and its results even further in order to reach the project target groups better. Furthermore, ECQ made an overview of the state of progress of the dissemination and exploitation activities within the partnership. The quality manager also summarized the quality and risk management activities completed within the project for the last six months. The project management, progress and final reports were also a topic of discussion between partners during the second day of the meeting. At the end of the day, an overview of the established deadlines at the meeting was made along with a special session on ideas for future projects to be developed involving AuToMa project partners.

3.jpgAs a conclusion, it can be stated that within the fifth project meeting, the consortium managed to make assessment of the project progress and what is remaining to be achieved or refined. The partnership showed determination to accomplish the project goals within AuToMa lifetime and improve the project results in order to achieve high quality until the upcoming final conference to be conducted in Rome, Italy.

The next project meeting is scheduled for March, 2019 and will be hosted by LUISS in Rome, Italy.