Final AuToMa project conference in Rome, Italy

conf1.jpgThe final conference of AuToMa project, was held on 29.03.2019 in Rome, Italy. The project - “Automation, Technology transfer and Managerial practices for the growth of SMEs, a better employability and the promotion of the entrepreneurship” was implemented under the Erasmus+ programme, Cooperation and innovation for good practices (KA 2). The conference was hosted by the project coordinator – LUISS Business School at Villa Blanc -Via Nomentana, 21600162, Sala G102.

Conf6.jpgTogether with more than 25 participants, the project consortium celebrated AuToMa outcomes and the new frontiers in automation, technology transfer and managerial practices for the growth of SMEs, a better employability and promotion of entrepreneurship. The event was attended by representatives of universities along with VET trainers; students who aspire to start their own business in the manufacturing sector and future and current entrepreneurs as well as unemployed people and other experts.

Conf4.jpgThe Conference was opened by Prof. Nunzio Casalino, the project coordinator from LUISS Business School, Italy who presented the main idea behind the project, its planned activities and outputs. Then, Mr. Jazec Zielinski, representative of PIAP, Poland presented the knowledge area and e-learning platform as well as the modules within AuToMa technical learning path. Dr. Francisco Pineiro of CARSA organization, Spain followed with an overview of the skills assessment tools and the AuToMa certificate of attendance that is awarded to participants in AuToMa learning course who successfully finish it. Ms. Margarita Vassileva from ECQ, Bulgaria presented the project impact on target groups, the quality aspects and feedback from attendees in the project events. Finally, Prof. Leonardo Quattrocchi of LUISS Business School as a keynote speaker delivered a presentation on the EU trends in automation and new frontiers of technology transfer. After the presentations, participants had the opportunity to participate in a questions and answers session where numerous topics about the exploitation of AuToMa results, the future of automation and its implications on human labour and workers’ skills. Overall, the event provided for a fruitful discussion and interesting conclusions about the trends in automation, innovation and technology transfer. Through AuToMa innovative and open training approach including two specific learning paths the target groups and interested parties will manage to develop high professional skills in the abovementioned fields.  
The sustainability of AuToMa project will be ensured by the project website maintenance for the next 5 years, additions and improvements of the training content, various project promotional materials, application of the AuToMa products, popularization of the project, keeping the partnership and last but not least, supporting the created national networks.